Garden of Hope 


Several members met at the fairgrounds and from there we car pooled to head north to mystery garden #1. We soon realized we were headed to the home of Shauna deSouza-Whitehead. Many of us have driven by this home in the past but none of us had realized the quiet and calm setting that Shauna has created in the back. We enjoyed browsing this peaceful oasis and seeing the unique trees that are Shauna's passion.

PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9817.jpg   PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9821.jpg

PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9823.jpg  PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9825.jpg

PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9830.jpg  PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9834.jpg


We were soon herded up and followed our leader back into town for mystery #2 to the home of Sandy & Wayne Pearce. A charming home accentuated with carefully manicured shrubs, grasses and a lawn greeted us to the front. Into the back garden, we find mainly shade perennials and with the charming pergola and picturesque pond there is no room for grass. The occasional flowering perennial is carefully placed in a sunny spot for highlights of colour. Once again we were herded up and headed of to mystery garden #3.

PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9840.jpg  PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9844.jpg

  PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9846.jpg  PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9848.jpg



For our final mystery destination we were led to the village of Canning to the whimsical and expansive garden of Vi Stevenson. Her delighful sense of humour is very evident in the garden where intersting and amusing artifacts are placed amongst the many perennials. Shade is provided by an abundance of mature trees on the property.

PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9853.jpg PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9854.jpg 



PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9855.jpg  PHS_Mystery_Tour_-9861.jpg

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 It was a very pleasant evening with like minded people. We enjoyed our refreshments on  Vi's  deck with our fellow gardeners, sharing the joys and woes of our gardens.

Many thanks to the hosts and the organizers for this delightful evening.