Garden of Hope 


Excursion to William Dam Seeds August 2017

It was a beautiful Wednesday evening when about 20 of our members made their way to William Dam Seeds in Dundas. Connie Dam-Byl and her neice Nadine were there to greet us. Our tour began in the trial flower gardens. One of the gardens was in the shape of a maple leaf to honour Canada's 150th.


Connie is also a judge and she showed us plants that are being graded on many aspects of their habits. Nadine took over the tour as we moved to the vegetable section. We finished up inside where we had a taste of some of the vegetable varieties that are being tested.

 PHS_Excursion_2017-1115.jpg   PHS_Excursion_2017-1120.jpg

 PHS_Excursion_2017-1135.jpg      PHS_Excursion_2017-1149.jpg


  PHS_Excursion_2017-1179-Edit.jpg      PHS_Excursion_2017-1154.jpg