Garden of Hope 

PHS Excursion 2018

About 20 members of PHS met at the home of Brian & Jeannette Berenz in Cambridge. Brian & Jeannette discovered this beautiful 3 acre property 20 years ago and set about enhancing it. The process began with building their home and followed by a large pond. The many sweeping garden beds were soon prepared and filled with trees including Eastern Red Bud, flowering shrubs and perennials. It is the sweeping beds of day lilies, hosta, phlox and echinacea that give the scene serenity. Window boxes full of pink petunias give season long colour.

Chairs strategically placed on the back deck are the perfect spot to enjoy either the sunrise or the sunset and the many varieties of visitors such as the large varieties of birds, the turtles and frogs in the pond.

The evening ended with refreshments on the deck and lots of chatter with like minded people. Our thanks to the Berenz's for welcoming us and for the cookies, to Pat Hasler Watts for organizing the excursion and to Edith Stone for suppling our refreshments.


1. (below) Large sweeps of colour with echinacia, phlox and lillies.


PHS Excursion 2018


2. A closer spot to view the wildlife in and around the pond.



4. Some members enjoying the garden.

PHS Excursion 2018


5.  Members enjoying the beautiufl evening.

PHS Excursion 2018


6. Nancy & Anne enjoying the evening sun.

PHS Excurson 2018


7.Our hosts surrounded by members and guests of the Paris Horticultural Society. It was a delightful evening.

PHS Excurson


8. Patches & Puddles, such well behaved Australian Labr-Doodles but not too interested in  our garden questions.