Garden of Hope 


Always a fun evening and this year did not dissappoint. We gathered at the fairgrounds and car pooling was quickly arranged. We followed the leader who was the only one who knew where we were going. About 20 minutes later we pulled up and the sign "Burford Tree Farm" was our first & only clue! We were greeted by 2 of the staff who guided us and explained the function of the farm. It is about 106 acres and is a source of trees and shrubs for the Grand River Conservation Authority. They grow about 60,000 trees and shrubs per year; a lot of them are from seed. About 60,000 species are native to the Grand River watershed. After the tour we headed back to Edith and Joe Stones's garden to enjoy the rest of the evening and refreshments. Many thanks to Edith for organizing the evening and allowing us to enjoy our refreshments in their garden.