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Two of our members, Doug Hanna and Dave Collins, initiated the planting of two trees at the cemetery  to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth and the Coronation of King Charles. Meghan Hunter, manager, Parks and Forestry with two of her staff, Mackenzie Sheppard and Mitchell Blackman, determined the location and dug the holes. 

The two pin oaks are located near the chapel and are marked with plaques.


 Doug Hanna, Mel Osborne, Pat Moore, Anne Vernon, Brenda Simpson, and Pat Hasler-Watts (back Row) ,

Edith Stone and Dave Collins in front.PHS_Tree_Planting_2023-0760.jpg


Mitchell Blackman, Meghan Hunter, Dave Collins, Doug Hanna and Mackenzie Sheppard. Pictured below.



A plaque was placed by each tree.


The pin oak is commonly used in landscapes in its native range due to its ease of transplanting,

its relatively fast growth, its fall colour and winter interest, dense shade and its polution tolerance. 


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