The flower show took place on June 7th, 2023. We had 189 entries from 21 members. Averaging 9 entries per person. The turn out was awesome and the speaker Anna Leggatt, who spoke on "Shade Gardesn", was knowledgeable and gave the audince many new tips. Catherine Mcgill judged the show (even though it was her birthday) and was pleased with our show and gave us hints on how to improve. Refeshments were offered both before and after the meeting.

The committee, Shauna de Souuza-Whithead, Pat Moore (co-chair), Nancy Burkholder,

Patti Gladding (co chair), Carol reansbury, Doug Hanna, and Dave Collins.



The class "A Vase of Flowers from your Garden, Mixed Varieties"



The theme for this year was: Royalty: Past and Present: Celebrating Elizabeth and Charles



Best Rose: First prize to Pat Moore



 Peony, single, white bloom. First prize and BEST IN SHOW to Dave Collins



Congratulations to all the winners: Dave Collins, Best in Show and Most Points in Specimens. Brenda Hunt, Most Points in Show. Janine Heather, Most Points by a First Time Exhibitor. Mother Nature (trophy supervisor). Shirley McAllister, BestFloral Design. Anne Vernon, Most Points in Monthly Competitions. Pat Moore, Best Rose and Best House Plant.



The trophies are off to be engraved, the supplies are all stored away and Mother Nature will go into hiding.

Pat and Patti can relax until it is time to come up with a theme for 2024.

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